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Fresh Beginnings


Purple and white striped crocus pair fully open

Here in Michigan we’re about to have our first real teases of spring, while many of you are actually fully into spring. Warm weather is coming, at least for a few days. It’s also wonderful to have so much daylight – and even sunlight, a rarity in Michigan during winter months. Many people are turning to spring cleaning — emptying out closets, basements, and all of that “extra food” we stored up for the long winter hibernation. I know I could do a little of two of those, and quite a bit of the third .  I started my spring cleaning with my photography.

It was time to pull down the old website structure, and start out anew. Reorganize the galleries and bring newer images. And bring focus (sorry – if you know me you know I’m full of puns!) to the subjects that thrill me most: waterfalls, flowers, details of nature, and personal portraits. It’s a mix of getting outdoors and seeing what’s around, and getting to know people and seeing who they are. I can’t wait for the opportunities that I”ll find this year.

I wish you all fresh beginnings this Spring!